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Same-Day Service

Our technicians are fully committed to arriving at your home quickly and resolving any problems efficiently.

Advanced Diagnostics

We don't just fix the problem, we prevent it from coming back. Our experts use best tools to pinpoint the exact cause.

Service Warranty

We back our services with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident your AC will keep you cool all season long.

Cost Upfront

We believe in transparency. That's why you'll receive a clear and detailed quote outlining the repair cost before any work begins.

Prompt Response & Expert Solutions

Our skilled technicians are available today to install or replace your AC quickly and efficiently.

HVAC Champions

Our technicians aren't just skilled, they're champions of HVAC services

Why Choose CM Expert FOR HVAC Services in Mississauga


Positive reviews on:
Experienced Technicians

All of our technicians carry the HVAC certification, recognized across the industry as a standard of technical skill and workmanship. What’s more, most have accumulated 15+ years in the field working with all types of AC systems both residential and commercial.

Fast and Reliable Service:

we make it a priority to complete every project within the proposed timeline, if not sooner. You’ll find our crew is punctual, neat and tidy. The job will get done right the first time so there’s less hassle for you in the long run.

Affordable Rates:

We understand that purchasing and installing a new air conditioner system is a big investment for both homeowners and business owners. That’s why we’re committed to offering very competitive rates on all of our AC services in Mississauga.


What Our Clients Are Saying about us

Our HVAC Company Reviews

Certified Mechanical

4.5Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 151 Google reviews

Amazing! Professional and quick service!

Fleming Viegas
3 weeks ago

a great job done on time

Brian Edwards
3 weeks ago

Great service and helpful technician.

David Duncan
3 weeks ago

Very reliable

Raul was very personable and professional. He called in advance to confirm and came back as promised the next day to fix our dryer after his initial diagnosis.

Jason Chan
2 months ago

Price was the highest of all contractors I asked for a quote from. Not at all competitive with other companies for the same product and service. Definitely recommend getting multiple quotes from different contractors before selecting a company. Edit: to answer below, the reason for one star is because the job was not to repair something. It was to replace. All the other contractors were quoting for the same replacement. The actual price will not be lower than your quote will it? Price gouging is not a good business model

Opulent Kitchen
2 months ago

Technician was very helpful and gave all the options to best help me

Mark McDonald
2 months ago

Had a great experience with the technician that came to my laundromat. Very hard working and professional and went out of his way to deliver amazing service for me. Ronaldo is great. Thanks guys. Will definitely use them again.

Sol Omon
2 years ago

Our washing machine was rattling and making a lot of noice so we did a google search for repair service. We found out during this search that Certified Mechanical has the designation of Google Guarantee which means (Businesses with the 'Google guaranteed' badge are screened, and are guaranteed to get the job done right or your money back with a lifetime cap of $2,000. ) Anthony the owner of the establishment sent a repair technician and the charged us for $99 to see visit out place and diagnose the problem. The repair was going to be costly so we decided to purchase a new washer and dryer. We called Anthony to provide us with quotes of 3 brands and see which one was in stock and we decided to proceed with the brand that was available and in stock. (This was not our 1st choice but we had did not want to wait 2 weeks plus) We understand the supply chain issues and low inventory and wanted the delivery and install to be done within 3 days. The only thing that I would say is that Certified Mechanical had to outsource the installation of the machines to another trade but we are happy with Certified Mechanical that the trades assigned to install the machines did a good job. Thank you Google for screening the vendors as it sure helps in make a decision and thank you for the $2000 guarantee.

Amory Erheim
3 years ago

I own a triplex home in Toronto that I rent. Anthony visits the property annually to inspect the system. My experience he is honest, don’t pull your leg or wallet, he is professional & don’t waste your time. Proficient & knows his trade.

Emilio Farouse
9 months ago

Ronnie's definitely a magician, in the best way possible. I work in the property management field and had an issue with a high end commercial dishwasher. Ronnie was on time, professional and informative. He was able to not only fix our machine but leave it functioning better than it was pre breakdown. Keep guys like this around, your sanity and your wallet will thank you.

Ella Lightstone
5 months ago

Our Mechanic showed up on time, patiently explained the issues. fixed it quickly, and even helped move things back into place. Kind and thorough, went above and beyond!

Anita Kumari
8 months ago

Mr Omari went over and above helping me fix my fridge. He was helpful and provided amazing guidance and advice for an easy fix on my fridge. It's hard finding honest and knowledgeable repair people. Thank you again!

Leila Aquino
a year ago

I called Certified Mechanical and they sent Anthony to fix our broken furnace. It was too cold and we can't sleep. Thanks to Certified Mechanical, they repair our furnace right away. Anthony is really knowledgeable, and reliable. Sincere and explains the necessary work. Highly recommended!!!!

Tana Turner
2 months ago

Thank you for your excellent service as always. Ronnie is so knowledgeable and good to work with. Always a pleasure!

2 years ago

Absolutely happy with the service that was provided. It was professional, quick, and honest. Anthony was able to come and access the problem with my fridge and was able to fix it within 15 min. Whoever requires any kind of repair, Anthony and his company is the company you need to contact. Unfortunately I previously had hired another company and they simply scammed me and didn't fix anything. Disappointed that I didn't find Anthony sooner. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Michelle Jamieson
6 months ago

Responsive, professional service. Anthony did a great job on our beverage fridge repair.

Melanie Minshull
2 years ago

Raul was Amazing!! He was able to identify the problem easily and then let me know the plan to correct. He was on time and communicated everything clearly. The repair was completed and saved me replacing the dryer!!! I will definitely be calling back if I ever need help again.

Top Mississauga Air Conditioning Installation Services

When searching for trusted AC installation in Mississauga, look no further. As one of the top air conditioning companies in the city, we have the expertise to install any system from all major brands like Lennox, Trane, York, and more. Our experienced technicians are fully certified to properly set up your new air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring it works efficiently. We make the process seamless so you can start enjoying cool and comfortable temperatures around your home.

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We Will Deal With All Your AC Repair & Installation Needs

Our experts can fix any air conditioner problems


We Install all Air Conditioning Brands in Mississauga

Our team can handle any brand with skill and expertise. As a top choice for AC installations in Mississauga, we have extensive experience setting up systems from all major manufacturers like Lennox, Carrier, and Goodman. Our certified technicians know how to properly install any air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s specifications, which means your new system will function optimally right from the start.

air conditioning installation in Mississauga
Mississauga and searching for “AC Installation near me”?
Mississauga has grown to become Canada’s 6th most populous city, with a diverse urban landscape spanning over 700 square kilometres. Its large residential communities and major industrial centres mean many homes and businesses require high-quality air conditioning services. As one of the top providers of AC installations in Mississauga, we understand the needs of properties throughout this bustling metropolitan area.
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Types Of Air Conditioner Units We install in Mississauga

Whether you need a basic window unit for a small space or a whole-home central air conditioning system, Our team has the expertise to install any type of AC unit in Mississauga.

Central Air Conditioner

When choosing to install central air conditioning in Mississauga, CM Experts can design and implement an optimal solution for your home. This type of system distributes conditioned indoor air through a network of ducts, providing consistent temperatures throughout all rooms. Our professionals consider factors like house size, number of floors, layout, insulation levels and more to determine the properly sized equipment and duct layout. 

Only premium manufacturers like Carrier, Trane and Lennox are trusted to ensure energy efficiency and durable performance. Whether replacing an older model or installing conditioning for the first time, rely on our team for outstanding results from a central AC system.

Ductless Air Conditioner

For residences where ductwork installation isn’t feasible or to enhance existing ducted cooling, a ductless air conditioner can be the way to go. Our technicians are experts in selecting and setting up ductless mini split systems tailored to individual rooms in Mississauga homes. These consist of an indoor wall-mounted evaporator unit and a matching outdoor compressor that connects via copper piping. 

Commonly used in basements, garages or additions, ductless mini splits provide flexible zoned comfort exactly where needed. We ensure proper line set sizing and charging so the system quietly delivers chilled air as designed. At CM Expert you can trust our team for ductless AC installs done efficiently and to exacting standards.

Mississauga AC installation

How much does AC installation in Mississauga Cost?

The cost of installing an air conditioning system can vary depending on numerous factors specific to each home and installation project. The size and type of unit required whether ductwork is involved, and any additional services all contribute to the overall budget. Larger, more complex systems to cool larger homes will generally have a higher cost than smaller, simpler units. Newer energy-efficient models also affect the pricing. 

Here at CM Expert we take the time to thoroughly assess each customer’s unique setup and needs to provide a detailed quote. We aim to find an affordable solution tailored to your property and situation. For the most accurate estimate of what to budget for your AC installation, please contact us so one of our representatives can evaluate your specific project needs.


While installing an air conditioner may seem like a straightforward DIY project, we do not recommend attempting AC installation yourself without proper training and certification. There are several reasons for this:


  • Safety is paramount. Working with electricity and refrigerant lines requires specialized skills and equipment to avoid hazardous situations. Improper installation can potentially lead to electric shock, refrigerant leaks or indoor air quality issues.


  • Regulations and codes. The AC installation process in Mississauga must follow strict local codes and regulations to ensure units are installed safely and efficiently. It’s easy for a non-professional to miss key requirements.


  • Warranty implications. Attempting your installation may void the manufacturer’s warranty if not completed to standards. Professional installation is also often required to activate extended warranties.


  • Performance and reliability. Factors like proper unit sizing, airflow optimization and charge levels have a big impact on how efficiently your AC will function long-term. Do-it-yourself mistakes could lead to premature failures or higher energy bills.


  • Time and hassle. Juggling an installation along with your daily responsibilities may end up taking much longer than anticipated or cause unnecessary stress. Let the professionals at CM Expert handle it instead with their expertise and resources.

For many Mississauga homes, installing central air conditioning has become essential for comfortable living. While the upfront costs require consideration, in most cases the long-term benefits of AC make it worthwhile:


  • Improved comfort. With Mississauga experiencing warmer temperatures for more of the year, AC provides relief from humid heat that can be dangerous for health. It allows you to relax and sleep easier at night.


  • Increased property value. Homes with central air are viewed as more desirable by buyers. Statistics show AC homes can command a 5-10% premium when listed for sale.


  • Energy efficiency. Newer AC units are extremely energy efficient. Combined with proper maintenance, your monthly bills will be on par or less than running multiple fans and portable units.


  • Improved indoor air quality. Besides temperature control, AC filters and dehumidification help remove pollen, dust and other allergens from circulated air. This creates a healthier environment.


  • Flexibility and productivity. With AC, you’ll feel more comfortable hosting gatherings or working from home. It adds lifestyle benefits without much ongoing cost after installation.

When scheduled with our professional team, most AC installations for homes in Mississauga take between 4 to 8 hours to complete from start to finish. Some key points about the installation process timeline:


  • Equipment setup and ductwork connections are the most time-intensive steps, normally requiring half a day’s work. This ensures proper airflow before charging the system.


  • New construction jobs or more complex retrofits may take towards the higher end of the timeframe, while replacement units are often faster to install.


  • Minor ductwork alterations can sometimes be done on the same day, but major modifications may lead to multiple appointments.


  • Dedicated preparation and uninterrupted access are important factors that help expedite the job. Having the area cleared makes our technicians efficient.


  • Once the equipment is in place and charged, a test run and inspection back at the office typically take 1-2 hours to complete the installation.


You can count on our team of experienced technicians to complete any AC installation for a Mississauga home professionally and on the projected timeline. We strive for minimal disruption and will communicate any unforeseen delays upfront. By scheduling with us, you can enjoy your new cooling system in just 4-8 hours in most cases!

There are a few signs that typically indicate it’s time for a new AC system in Mississauga:


  • Unit is 15+ years old. After about 15-20 years, even well-maintained units are nearing the end of their reliable lifespan. Efficiency and performance start declining noticeably.


  • Repairs are no longer cost-effective. Repeated repairs that exceed half the cost of a new unit within a year suggest it’s more economical to upgrade now.


  • Increased energy bills. Higher usage with no change in thermostat settings or household size means the existing unit isn’t functioning as well as new models.


  • Irregular cooling/long run times. An undersized AC or one with failing components will run frequently or have trouble keeping rooms at a consistent temperature.


  • Strange noises or vibrations occur. New rumbling, grinding or knocking sounds are warning signs internal parts may be degraded.


Our technicians can inspect your AC and advise if replacement makes financial sense based on its age, condition and ongoing repair costs.

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