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Our technicians are fully committed to arriving at your home quickly and resolving any problems efficiently.

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We don't just fix the problem, we prevent it from coming back. Our experts use best tools to pinpoint the exact cause.

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We back our repairs with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident your AC will keep you cool all season long.

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We believe in transparency. That's why you'll receive a clear and detailed quote outlining the repair cost before any work begins.

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Our skilled technicians are available today to diagnose and fix your AC problems quickly and efficiently.

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Experienced Technicians

Our team has decades of combined experience working with all types and brands of HVAC equipment. You can feel confident leaving any installation, repair or maintenance job in the hands of our highly skilled and certified professionals.

Fast and Reliable Service:

Our technicians are fully committed to arriving at your home quickly and resolving any problems efficiently. You’ll have reliable temperature control again in no time.

Affordable Rates:

We strive to provide great customer service and quality work at competitive prices you can feel good about. You’ll save money on your energy bills too with repairs, maintenance and upgrades by our experts.


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Certified Mechanical

4.5Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 151 Google reviews

Amazing! Professional and quick service!

Fleming Viegas
3 weeks ago

a great job done on time

Brian Edwards
3 weeks ago

Great service and helpful technician.

David Duncan
3 weeks ago

Very reliable

Raul was very personable and professional. He called in advance to confirm and came back as promised the next day to fix our dryer after his initial diagnosis.

Jason Chan
2 months ago

Price was the highest of all contractors I asked for a quote from. Not at all competitive with other companies for the same product and service. Definitely recommend getting multiple quotes from different contractors before selecting a company. Edit: to answer below, the reason for one star is because the job was not to repair something. It was to replace. All the other contractors were quoting for the same replacement. The actual price will not be lower than your quote will it? Price gouging is not a good business model

Opulent Kitchen
2 months ago

Technician was very helpful and gave all the options to best help me

Mark McDonald
2 months ago

Had a great experience with the technician that came to my laundromat. Very hard working and professional and went out of his way to deliver amazing service for me. Ronaldo is great. Thanks guys. Will definitely use them again.

Sol Omon
2 years ago

Our washing machine was rattling and making a lot of noice so we did a google search for repair service. We found out during this search that Certified Mechanical has the designation of Google Guarantee which means (Businesses with the 'Google guaranteed' badge are screened, and are guaranteed to get the job done right or your money back with a lifetime cap of $2,000. ) Anthony the owner of the establishment sent a repair technician and the charged us for $99 to see visit out place and diagnose the problem. The repair was going to be costly so we decided to purchase a new washer and dryer. We called Anthony to provide us with quotes of 3 brands and see which one was in stock and we decided to proceed with the brand that was available and in stock. (This was not our 1st choice but we had did not want to wait 2 weeks plus) We understand the supply chain issues and low inventory and wanted the delivery and install to be done within 3 days. The only thing that I would say is that Certified Mechanical had to outsource the installation of the machines to another trade but we are happy with Certified Mechanical that the trades assigned to install the machines did a good job. Thank you Google for screening the vendors as it sure helps in make a decision and thank you for the $2000 guarantee.

Amory Erheim
3 years ago

I own a triplex home in Toronto that I rent. Anthony visits the property annually to inspect the system. My experience he is honest, don’t pull your leg or wallet, he is professional & don’t waste your time. Proficient & knows his trade.

Emilio Farouse
9 months ago

Ronnie's definitely a magician, in the best way possible. I work in the property management field and had an issue with a high end commercial dishwasher. Ronnie was on time, professional and informative. He was able to not only fix our machine but leave it functioning better than it was pre breakdown. Keep guys like this around, your sanity and your wallet will thank you.

Ella Lightstone
5 months ago

Our Mechanic showed up on time, patiently explained the issues. fixed it quickly, and even helped move things back into place. Kind and thorough, went above and beyond!

Anita Kumari
8 months ago

Mr Omari went over and above helping me fix my fridge. He was helpful and provided amazing guidance and advice for an easy fix on my fridge. It's hard finding honest and knowledgeable repair people. Thank you again!

Leila Aquino
a year ago

I called Certified Mechanical and they sent Anthony to fix our broken furnace. It was too cold and we can't sleep. Thanks to Certified Mechanical, they repair our furnace right away. Anthony is really knowledgeable, and reliable. Sincere and explains the necessary work. Highly recommended!!!!

Tana Turner
2 months ago

Thank you for your excellent service as always. Ronnie is so knowledgeable and good to work with. Always a pleasure!

2 years ago

Absolutely happy with the service that was provided. It was professional, quick, and honest. Anthony was able to come and access the problem with my fridge and was able to fix it within 15 min. Whoever requires any kind of repair, Anthony and his company is the company you need to contact. Unfortunately I previously had hired another company and they simply scammed me and didn't fix anything. Disappointed that I didn't find Anthony sooner. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Michelle Jamieson
6 months ago

Responsive, professional service. Anthony did a great job on our beverage fridge repair.

Melanie Minshull
2 years ago

Raul was Amazing!! He was able to identify the problem easily and then let me know the plan to correct. He was on time and communicated everything clearly. The repair was completed and saved me replacing the dryer!!! I will definitely be calling back if I ever need help again.

Our Comprehensive AC Repair Services

At CM Expert, our customers always come first. We understand that having an air conditioning issue in the heat of summer is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. That is why we aim to resolve any customer issues as fast as possible.

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We Will Deal With All Your AC Issues

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Oakville Reliable Air Conditioner Repair

Do you need home ac repair in Oakville? Well, it’s important to choose a technician you can trust to properly diagnose and fix any issues. Dealing with a non-functioning air conditioner during the summer heat is frustrating, so you want a unit that is cooled and conditioned again as quickly as possible. However, AC repairs and maintenance require expertise to track down the root of problems, which is why it’s best to use a professional team like CM Expert.

Our technicians have years of experience performing all types of air conditioner repairs in Oakville that residents rely on. We know that a quality and reliable AC system is essential in every home to maintain a comfortable temperature. Whether you need maintenance or solutions to unexpected failures, we can handle any job large or small.

air conditioner repair Oakville
Oakville and searching for “AC Repairs near me”?
As a fully licensed and insured local business, CM Expert understands the needs of Oakville homeowners. They know how important an efficiently running AC system is, especially on hot summer days. Their convenient location means fast response times so you don’t have to suffer in the heat waiting for help to arrive.
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Emergency AC Repair

We understand the importance of working fast when temperatures are high. Whether your unit suddenly stops cooling entirely or you discover a problem outside regular business hours, you can count on our emergency air conditioner repair team to arrive promptly. Getting your system functioning again quickly is the top priority in emergencies.

AC Unit Repairs & Maintenance

We offer air conditioning unit repairs and maintenance services to keep your system running efficiently. Our technicians thoroughly inspect your entire unit which includes checking the refrigerant level, lubricating moving parts, and examining the coil and condenser for any issues. We also always replace filters, as dirty filters can cause a system to run constantly and have difficulty cooling rooms.

AC Compressor Repair Services

Our highly skilled technicians can diagnose faulty compressors and determine the best course of repair or replacement. A faulty compressor is never a good sign, but we ensure any Oakville air conditioner repair is conducted efficiently. Whether the compressor simply needs to be unclogged of debris or a full replacement is necessary, we have the experience and expertise to complete the job properly.

AC Repair in Oakville

Fixing refrigerant leaks

Our Oakville refrigerant technicians have extensive experience detecting, diagnosing and fixing even elusive refrigerant leaks that other companies may miss. Whether the leak is large or small, we have the proper equipment and expertise to safely recharge your system and get it holding pressure again. Avoid paying for unnecessary repairs by trusting the experts at our locally owned and operated air conditioning company for all of your local repair needs.

We will repair all your AC Issues

Whether you’re experiencing an emergency issue with your air conditioner in Oakville or it’s time for routine maintenance and tune-ups, the experienced technicians at CM Expert are ready to handle any repair job big or small. We understand that unexpected problems with your cooling system are the last thing you want to deal with, especially in the heat of summer. That’s why we take pride in our ability to resolve even the most complex repairs as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Weak airflow

One of the most common complaints from homeowners is weak or inefficient airflow from their air conditioning system. A lack of robust circulation can cause rooms to either not cool properly or feel drafty and uncomfortable. Weak airflow issues stem from a variety of potential problems within the ductwork or the AC unit itself.

Our technicians thoroughly inspect the duct system for leaks, blockages from debris or kinks hampering circulation. We also examine the evaporator coil, blower motor and fan blade to ensure optimal performance. Any cleaning, replacement or adjustment required to restore strong, well-distributed airflow throughout the entire home is meticulously performed.

Electrical Problems

Another frequent culprit behind air conditioning malfunctions is electrical issues arising within the system. AC units contain many sensitive components that rely on precise voltage and proper connections to function smoothly. Over time, loose wires, worn capacitors and other electrical faults can creep up undetected. At CM Experts, our Oakville HVAC technicians have extensive experience troubleshooting and repairing all varieties of AC-related electrical problems.

Dealing with electrical repairs improperly can have serious safety risks, so it’s crucial to leave any AC electrical work to our licensed professionals. You can rest assured knowing that after we complete the job, your system’s electrical operations will be fully optimized to provide reliable cooling for years ahead. Trust us to get to the bottom of even stubborn intermittent electrical gremlins.

Thermostat Issues

One of the most essential yet overlooked components of an air conditioning system is the thermostat. This control unit regulates your home’s temperature based on the settings you select. Unfortunately, thermostats can develop problems preventing them from accurately reading and maintaining the comfort levels you desire.

We can test and recalibrate faulty units, replace problematic digital boards, or install a new programmable if needed. Whether the problem is an unresponsive screen, inconsistent temperature readings, or complete thermostat failure, we have the expertise to get your cooling system accurately regulated again quickly.

Clogged drain lines

When an air conditioner works hard circulating cool air throughout a home, condensation forms that must be released efficiently. This is where drain lines play an integral role in carrying moisture away from the unit during operation. Unfortunately, debris or mineral buildup can cause slow or blocked condensation drainage over time.

For badly obstructed lines, we may need to replace certain sections to fully restore proper drainage flow. You can put your trust in our team to properly diagnose drainage problems and complete any necessary work ensuring your AC runoff exits smoothly. A cleared condensation system prevents mold or moisture damage while maximizing your unit’s cooling functionality and efficiency.

How much does it cost to repair an air conditioner in Oakville?

When unexpected HVAC repairs are needed, determining the cost can be on homeowners’ minds. The price to fix air conditioning issues will depend on several factors unique to each situation.

  1. The specific components involved and the extent of the problem help determine a technician’s labor hours needed for the repair. Brands and models of equipment also influence part pricing. Older versus newer systems may have more readily available components impacting costs.

  2. The size and application of the unit also play a role. Residential repairs typically have differing costs than commercial projects. Complex issues with multiple interconnected components could take longer to diagnose and repair than minor complications.

  3. Proper sizing, installation location, usage and prior maintenance influence a system’s longevity and susceptibility to problems. Newer technology and energy efficient upgrades usually cost more initially but save on utility bills in the long run.

Here at CM Expert, we strive for full transparency. We provide upfront estimates after thorough in-home assessments. Our main goal is resolving issues reliably and professionally, not just the bottom line. Contact us today for honest evaluations to determine the most cost-effective solution for your unique situation and budget.


There are a few issues that could cause an air conditioner to run but fail to cool properly. A few common culprits our technicians encounter include low refrigerant levels, a blocked or dirty air filter restricting airflow, or an evaporator or condenser coil that needs cleaning. 

The thermostat could also need replacing if not communicating accurately with the system. Other potential problems involve faulty components like relays, capacitors, or the compressor. Our experienced AC repair experts in Oakville can diagnose the problem and determine the best solution, whether it’s a simple filter change or a more involved repair or part replacement.

It depends on several factors our technicians consider during an evaluation. We analyze the age and condition of the equipment, determine the nature and extent of the issues, and provide a repair cost estimate. Generally, if a unit is less than 10 years old and the proposed repair costs less than 60% of replacement, it’s likely worthwhile.

While certain minor maintenance tasks can be handled DIY, we don’t recommend attempting to fix air conditioning issues yourself in Oakville without proper training and certification. Safety should always be the top priority when working with high-voltage systems. Wrongly diagnosing AC problems can also result in further damage or wasted money replacing the wrong components. Even simple filter changes done improperly pose a risk. Our Oakville technicians are fully licensed, insured and factory-trained to handle all aspects of AC repair and maintenance safely and correctly.

Some of the most common problems our technicians encounter include:

  • Low or leaking refrigerant levels – Over time, the refrigerant inside AC units depletes and needs to be recharged to operate efficiently. A leaking system may need repairs or reconditioning.
  • Dirty or clogged air filters – Filters that haven’t been changed regularly restrict airflow and can damage other components from overworking.
  • Failing capacitors or relays – These electronic components regulate voltage and power to the compressor and fan/coil motor. Their replacements are fairly simple but important for proper function.
  • Worn-out belts or fans – The belts that turn internal parts may crack or slip over years of use. Fans can also weaken.
  • Compressor issues – As the hardest working part, compressors eventually degrade and seize up. Replacement is usually recommended at this point.
  • Evaporator/condenser coil problems – Clogged or inefficient coils impair heat transfer and cooling ability. Cleaning or repairs are required.

Here are some key things to check if your air conditioner unit in Oakville is not working properly:

  • Thermostat settings – Ensure the thermostat is set to “cool” and the desired temperature is below the current room temperature.
  • Circuit breakers – Check that the breaker for the AC circuit hasn’t been tripped in your home’s main electrical panel.
  • Filters – Dirty or clogged filters can restrict airflow and strain the system. Replace monthly for optimal performance.
  • Outdoor unit – Look for things like overgrown plants blocking vents, dirt/debris buildup, or any potential obstructions.
  • Wiring connections – Give electrical connections to the thermostat and control board a gentle tug to ensure they are fully secured.
  • Fuses – Inspect and replace any blown fuses inside the outdoor unit’s control box.
  • Refrigerant level – Low refrigerant can cause warm or fluctuating air temperatures that professionals can recharge.
  • Ducts – Make sure no damper or supply/return vent is completely closed or blocking airflow.

There are a few key signs that can indicate an air conditioning system may be low on freon (refrigerant) and need to be recharged:

  • Fluctuating or inconsistent air temperatures – The AC may blow cool at first, but then warm up after 20-30 minutes of running.
  • Extended run times – You’ll notice the unit running for longer periods but still not adequately cooling the home.
  • Higher than normal electric bills – Low freon forces the system to work harder, increasing energy usage.
  • Frost or ice buildup – This can show the freon level is too low for the compressor to do its job properly.
  • Warm spots around pipes or the outdoor unit – The AC isn’t transferring heat outside as designed.


Our Oakville technicians use certified equipment to accurately check freon levels and determine if a recharge service will restore optimal cooling. A small refrigerant leak can be repaired at the same time for a lasting solution. Don’t wait until complete failure to have systems inspected annually for efficiency and safety.

Here are some general guidelines for how long an air conditioner can be expected to last when properly maintained in Oakville:

  • Central AC units (furnace systems): Typically 13-15 years before needing replacement. However, repairs and replacement of individual components over the years may extend use further.
  • Ductless mini-split systems: 15-20 years of service is common with today’s more efficient models. Outdoor parts like compressors have longer warranties too.
  • Window units: Budget 5-10 years of use depending on size and brand quality. Lighter-duty units tend toward the lower end.
  • Whole-home central systems: Heavier commercial-grade models installed by professionals may deliver 20+ years of cooling when well-cared for.


Of course, factors like installation quality, maintenance habits, climate conditions, and frequency of use all impact the lifespan. Our technicians in Oakville find that regularly scheduled tune-ups every 2-3 years help catch small issues before they become expensive failures.

Here are some points to consider when advising clients on whether to repair or replace an aging AC unit:

  • Age of the unit – Older than 12-15 years, repairs may not be cost-effective in the long run compared to a new high-efficiency model.
  • Condition/repairability – If parts are no longer available or the unit is severely corroded, replacement often becomes the recommendation.
  • Repair costs – Exceeding 40-50% of replacement costs typically means it’s near the end of its useful lifespan.
  • Efficiency gains – Newer AC systems use significantly less electricity to achieve greater comfort. Rebates may offset some replacement expenses.
  • Ductwork condition – Old ducts lose effectiveness over time and are best replaced with a new cooling system.
  • Warranty options – Purchasing a new unit includes comprehensive manufacturer warranties for added consumer protection and peace of mind.


We provide a free in-home evaluation to determine the most suitable solution customized to each homeowner’s budget and needs. Our goal is to ensure reliable, energy-efficient cooling for Oakville homes for many more seasons to come.

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