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Same-Day Service

Our technicians are fully committed to arriving at your home quickly and resolving any problems efficiently.

Advanced Diagnostics

We don't just fix the problem, we prevent it from coming back. Our experts use best tools to pinpoint the exact cause.

Service Warranty

We back our services with a 1-year warranty, so you can be confident your AC will keep you cool all season long.

Cost Upfront

We believe in transparency. That's why you'll receive a clear and detailed quote outlining the repair cost before any work begins.

Prompt Response & Expert Solutions

Our skilled technicians are available today to install or replace your AC quickly and efficiently.

HVAC Champions

Our technicians aren't just skilled, they're champions of HVAC services

Why Choose CM Expert FOR HVAC Services in Oakville


Positive reviews on:
Experienced Technicians

Backed by intensive training programs, our team of experienced technicians in Oakville is fully capable of handling even complex AC repair and installation tasks.

Fast and Reliable Service:

We understand the importance of maintaining temperature regulation, especially during extreme weather. Our technicians are always ready to be at your service.

Affordable Rates:

Along with our reputation for efficiency and exceptional service, CM Expert is also known for affordable rates in Oakville. We guarantee that our prices for any AC installation needs will fit comfortably within your budget.


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Certified Mechanical

4.5Out of 5 stars

Overall rating out of 151 Google reviews

Amazing! Professional and quick service!

Fleming Viegas
3 weeks ago

a great job done on time

Brian Edwards
3 weeks ago

Great service and helpful technician.

David Duncan
3 weeks ago

Very reliable

Raul was very personable and professional. He called in advance to confirm and came back as promised the next day to fix our dryer after his initial diagnosis.

Jason Chan
2 months ago

Price was the highest of all contractors I asked for a quote from. Not at all competitive with other companies for the same product and service. Definitely recommend getting multiple quotes from different contractors before selecting a company. Edit: to answer below, the reason for one star is because the job was not to repair something. It was to replace. All the other contractors were quoting for the same replacement. The actual price will not be lower than your quote will it? Price gouging is not a good business model

Opulent Kitchen
2 months ago

Technician was very helpful and gave all the options to best help me

Mark McDonald
2 months ago

Had a great experience with the technician that came to my laundromat. Very hard working and professional and went out of his way to deliver amazing service for me. Ronaldo is great. Thanks guys. Will definitely use them again.

Sol Omon
2 years ago

Our washing machine was rattling and making a lot of noice so we did a google search for repair service. We found out during this search that Certified Mechanical has the designation of Google Guarantee which means (Businesses with the 'Google guaranteed' badge are screened, and are guaranteed to get the job done right or your money back with a lifetime cap of $2,000. ) Anthony the owner of the establishment sent a repair technician and the charged us for $99 to see visit out place and diagnose the problem. The repair was going to be costly so we decided to purchase a new washer and dryer. We called Anthony to provide us with quotes of 3 brands and see which one was in stock and we decided to proceed with the brand that was available and in stock. (This was not our 1st choice but we had did not want to wait 2 weeks plus) We understand the supply chain issues and low inventory and wanted the delivery and install to be done within 3 days. The only thing that I would say is that Certified Mechanical had to outsource the installation of the machines to another trade but we are happy with Certified Mechanical that the trades assigned to install the machines did a good job. Thank you Google for screening the vendors as it sure helps in make a decision and thank you for the $2000 guarantee.

Amory Erheim
3 years ago

I own a triplex home in Toronto that I rent. Anthony visits the property annually to inspect the system. My experience he is honest, don’t pull your leg or wallet, he is professional & don’t waste your time. Proficient & knows his trade.

Emilio Farouse
9 months ago

Ronnie's definitely a magician, in the best way possible. I work in the property management field and had an issue with a high end commercial dishwasher. Ronnie was on time, professional and informative. He was able to not only fix our machine but leave it functioning better than it was pre breakdown. Keep guys like this around, your sanity and your wallet will thank you.

Ella Lightstone
5 months ago

Our Mechanic showed up on time, patiently explained the issues. fixed it quickly, and even helped move things back into place. Kind and thorough, went above and beyond!

Anita Kumari
8 months ago

Mr Omari went over and above helping me fix my fridge. He was helpful and provided amazing guidance and advice for an easy fix on my fridge. It's hard finding honest and knowledgeable repair people. Thank you again!

Leila Aquino
a year ago

I called Certified Mechanical and they sent Anthony to fix our broken furnace. It was too cold and we can't sleep. Thanks to Certified Mechanical, they repair our furnace right away. Anthony is really knowledgeable, and reliable. Sincere and explains the necessary work. Highly recommended!!!!

Tana Turner
2 months ago

Thank you for your excellent service as always. Ronnie is so knowledgeable and good to work with. Always a pleasure!

2 years ago

Absolutely happy with the service that was provided. It was professional, quick, and honest. Anthony was able to come and access the problem with my fridge and was able to fix it within 15 min. Whoever requires any kind of repair, Anthony and his company is the company you need to contact. Unfortunately I previously had hired another company and they simply scammed me and didn't fix anything. Disappointed that I didn't find Anthony sooner. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

Michelle Jamieson
6 months ago

Responsive, professional service. Anthony did a great job on our beverage fridge repair.

Melanie Minshull
2 years ago

Raul was Amazing!! He was able to identify the problem easily and then let me know the plan to correct. He was on time and communicated everything clearly. The repair was completed and saved me replacing the dryer!!! I will definitely be calling back if I ever need help again.

Top Oakville Air Conditioning Installation Services

CM Expert is a one-stop destination for all your AC installation needs in Oakville, Ontario. With our team of experienced technicians, we aim to deliver quality air conditioning installation and repair services that satisfy our clients. We strive to ensure our clients stay comfortable throughout the season through reliable and affordable service. Our technicians are fully equipped to handle any installation or service requirements for residential and commercial Oakville properties.

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We Will Deal With All Your AC Repair & Installation Needs

Our experts can fix any air conditioner problems


We Install all Air Conditioning Brands in Oakville

We have years of experience providing professional Oakville air conditioning installation services for various brands. Our team of fully certified experts has carried out installations for brands like Trane, Goodman, York, Lennox, Bosch, Daikin and more in the Oakville region. With our professional approach to Oakville air conditioner installation processes, clients can rely on us to handle any AC unit installation flawlessly, regardless of the brand.

air conditioning installation in Oakville
Oakville and searching for “AC Installation near me”?
Looking to keep cool this summer without overheating your wallet? If you’re an Oakville resident searching for “AC Installation near me”, look no further than CM Expert. As a trusted team serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 15 years, our licensed technicians offer expert air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services.
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Types Of Air Conditioning Units We install in Oakville

CM Expert has the expertise to install all major types of air conditioning units in Oakville through professional installation services. Our technicians are fully capable of installing both central systems and ductless/mini-split AC units. Our in-depth knowledge of various air conditioning installation requirements means clients can rely on us for efficient installation of all leading brands of central air conditioning units & commercial services in Oakville.

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is ducted through vents to cool multiple rooms efficiently. CM Experts has extensive experience installing premium central air conditioning systems from top brands like Trane, Carrier and Bryant. Our installations adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure optimum performance. Factors like unit sizing, ductwork design and thermostat placement are carefully assessed. 

Our professionals also conduct leak tests, evacuation and charging to complete installations professionally as per manufacturer standards. You can thus rely on us to fit the perfect central AC solution and install it expertly for ideal cooling throughout your property via a single unit.

ac installation in Oakville

Ductless Air Conditioner

Also known as mini-split systems, ductless ACs are an ideal option to cool individual rooms efficiently. CM Experts has substantial experience installing various types of ductless air conditioners. Whether a single zone mini split or a multi-split system, our team understands the technicalities of the job. We ensure all installation work meets the manufacturer’s specifications and bylaws to deliver optimum performance. 

Our well-trained technicians complete ductwork, electrical and assembly procedures meticulously. This includes tasks like pipe bending and brazing. You can rely on our expertise for professional installs of ductless ACs from Panasonic, Gree, LG and other top brands.

How much does AC installation in Oakville Cost?

The cost of air conditioning installation can vary depending on various factors like the type of unit, size, additional system requirements and existing ductwork. CM Expert provides transparent quotes after thoroughly inspecting each project. Our licensed technicians assess AC needs by considering elements like the property size, number of rooms and utility specifications. We then recommend the most suitable setup within a reasonable budget. 

You can trust our expertise to guide you with the best AC solution meeting your needs and home specifications. Reliable installation is our prime focus, not extreme prices. Contact our team today for an accurate estimate. We will work with you to develop an affordable and effective cooling solution.


While installing air conditioning yourself may seem like a cost-effective option, we do not recommend it for most homeowners in Oakville. Professional installation is important for several reasons:


  • Safety should always be the top priority. Working with high voltages and refrigerants like Freon requires specialized training and certification to avoid accidents.


  • Permits and inspections are also involved with new AC installations to ensure units are sized, installed and set up properly according to building and electrical codes. This helps ensure optimal and safe performance for years to come. Doing it yourself may result in failing inspections.


  • Warranties on both the unit and installation are only valid if completed by a licensed contractor. If any issues arise after self-installation, manufacturers may not cover repairs under warranty terms.


  • Efficiency is key, especially with energy prices on the rise. Professional technicians have the knowledge and equipment to install systems correctly for maximum cooling and minimum cost. Improper installation can negatively impact hydro bills.

Whether installing air conditioning is worth it for homes in Oakville depends on individual needs and usage. Some factors homeowners may want to consider:


  • Oakville does experience warm summers, with average high temperatures in July and August exceeding 28°C. For those who find the heat unpleasant or uncomfortable, AC can dramatically improve indoor comfort.


  • Properties that see a lot of afternoon sun or retain heat are good candidates since AC helps offset this. Homes with multiple levels may also benefit from zoned systems.


  • Newer, energy-efficient AC systems are quite affordable to run these days. The upfront investment pays off in comfort savings, especially for families with small children or elderly members who are more vulnerable in the heat.


  • Lifestyle is a consideration as well. If you entertain a lot outdoors or indoors in summer, AC makes that much more enjoyable without the heat. The same goes for those who work from home.


While not 100% necessary in all Oakville homes, installing AC has become a worthwhile update for many homeowners to improve their quality of life during the region’s warm months.

Most basic AC installations for residential homes can typically be completed within 4-8 working hours. This includes:

  • Evaluating the existing system and ductwork.
  • Installing the new exterior condensing unit.
  • Setting up the new furnace unit and connecting refrigerant lines.
  • Performing an air pressure and leak test.
  • Verifying proper airflow.


More complex installations that involve modifications like adding zones, relocating vents or upgrading ducts may take closer to 6-8 hours but our licensed technicians are efficient and minimize disruption.

There are a few key signs that indicate it may be time to replace an aging air conditioner in Oakville:


  • The unit is 15+ years old. Most AC systems have a lifespan of around 15-20 years before efficiency and performance start declining significantly.


  • Increased energy bills. If hydro costs have risen noticeably even when usage is similar, it could mean the existing unit is no longer operating optimally.


  • Longer, frequent cooling cycles. An older AC has to run much longer to keep the home cool compared to a new, high-efficiency model.


  • Strange smells or sounds. Smelly electrical components or unusual grinding/knocking noises may indicate parts are deteriorating.


  • Inconsistent cooling. If some rooms don’t feel as cool and temperature regulation is erratic, replacement should be considered.


  • Repair costs exceed 50% of replacement. Extensive repairs on an old unit may not be cost-effective compared to a new installation.


Our technicians can conduct a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your Oakville AC system. Based on age, repairs needed and projected energy savings, we can advise on optimal replacement timing before breakdown occurs. Catching issues early saves money and improves comfort.

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